Saturday, February 4, 2017

Navigating the Currents so not to be Swept Away

Walking through the Currents while not being Moved by them; swimming through the ocean, enjoying the calm and the churn, doing as I determine, instead of wasting away focusing on and fighting what does not fall into place or go my way, dancing with the wolves sounds cool, too. Essentially, I am looking at ways to walk through the waves of energy, while still determining who I am in all ways.

Although, my whole life has been like a roller coaster ride of energy waves and spikes of highs and lows, I now realize that I am able to determine who I am, how I am, regardless of the highs and lows of energy circulating through my body. In other words, Just because I physically feel different degrees of energy circulating through my physical body, does not mean that I have to accept such degrees as definitions of who I am - as in being happy or being sad. In communicating with my physical, I have often stated that, I as awareness here, am determined to stand equally as one with the physical, which includes experiencing to understand equally the the pain that the physical endures. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

We have all experienced pain, but have we been aware of the pain of our physical bodies? Have we stood equally as one within and as that pain? Have we shared the burden of what we three as mind, being and body have together created? My guess is we have not. Instead, our physicals have been carrying the burden, while we ignored the pain and/or medicated it out of awareness. I guess furthermore, that this is about to change and that the energies that I have been experiencing more of late, that which I have been complaining about (sorry about that), is going to get worse before it gets better. Herein, I best be clear how I will stand in response, so not to fall into reaction.

When and as I find myself entering into or experiencing accumulated energies defined as feeling good, I commit to slow down and not to allow myself to indulge in the  euphoria of experience, because I realize that, to indulge in the euphoria is to invite the despair, consuming the substance of the physical body for the substantiation of the mind at the cost of my being here. The same rules apply to that which I have defined as neutral and/or low currents of energy flowing through me, within and as me.  When and as I find myself searching for external causes upon which to blame by energetic experiences, I commit to flag such points as warning signs of the energetic mind fields ahead, awaiting to possess me, should I continue down that path. Hence, as soon as I notice that I am entering into a belief or perception that these energetic storms within me have been caused by something out there, I commit to support myself and stand, even in the worst of storms, by expanding myself to move while not participating in and as such storms.

Practically, this means that I must consistently check my focus to see that I am moving physically through each moment, doing things by pushing the points and not being moved by the energies within. Therefore, today, I am going to go out and look at cars, instead of waiting for an opportunity to come to me.

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